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Five Marys Ranch

fort jones | far northern california

Mary, Brian and their four daughters raise premium dry-aged beef, pastured pork and lamb along with a line of jerky, spices, honey, olive oil and their favorite home goods to share with you. They started shipping to families all over the US almost 10 years ago and ship to all 50 states every week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  M5 Meat Club subscriptions available.

VISIT ONLINE: fivemarysranch.coM

Beck Ranch Premium Meats

Lonetree | Wyoming

Wow, what a find. Locally raised meat delivered to my door!! You can taste the difference and the prices are incredible. Our Black Angus Beef go from the RANCH to the BUTCHER to YOU - that's it!!

Shipping to the continental 48 states.

VISIT ONLINE: beckranch.com



Recently relocated to Kansas from Ohio, Charlie and Kerissa Payne raise pastured Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Turkey with their two daughters, offering subscriptions of their pastured meat. They ship across the US Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

VISIT ONLINE: coveyrisefarmsohio.com

The Humble Hive Homestead

WEllston | Oklahoma

Julia and Kaleb raise pastured pork and poultry, as well as grass fed and finished heritage dexter beef, and lamb in Central Oklahoma. They deliver locally and ship.

Shipping to the continental 48 states.

VISIT ONLINE: thehumblehivehomestead.com

Back 4T Farm

eden | texas

We’re first generation ranchers in central Texas. Our farm was started out of the increased need to provide high quality meats to local and surrounding communities.

We have since expanded to shipping our beef, chicken, and pork nationwide. 

VISIT ONLINE: back4tfarms.com

CJW Pino Ranch

lamar | missouri

Cameron and Jacquelyn Whetten are extremely passionate about raising quality meat that is hormone and antibiotic free as a family.

They ship their meat weekly to the 48  contiguous states.

VISIT ONLINE: cjwpinoranch.net

Everyday Goodlife

owensville | missouri

3 women, 2 generations, 1 Everyday Goodlife. Everyday Goodlife is a family farm cooperative bringing top quality regenerative raised meats to the table. Grass fed beef, Ozark forest pork, pastured poultry. Nourishing. Wholesome. Good.

They ship nationwide every Tuesday.

VISIT ONLINE: everydaygoodlife.com

1984 Farms

ATlanta | Missouri

We are a large, first-generation ranch family that values homegrown meals. You share the same value but maybe not the ability to raise your own. We provide the best pasture-finished meats for your family to create nutritious meals and memories! 

Shipping nationwide weekly. 

VISIT ONLINE: 1984farms.com

Elmwood Stock Farm

Georgetown | kentucky

Family farmers Ann, Mac & John own and operate Elmwood Stock Farm on 550 acres of Central KY Bluegrass. They raise certified organic crops, happy animals, and offer great tasting food with integrity to their community.

They ship a variety of their meats and broths across the 48 contiguous states.

VISIT ONLINE: elmwoodstockfarm.com

Midwest Prime

Ambia | Indiana

Troy and Heather Leak are a fifth generation farming family raising beef, pork, and poultry. Their oldest son Ethan helps run the farm, making him the sixth generation in their family farm. Midwest Prime's goal is to make it easy to get pure, premium meat on your dinner table.

They ship nationwide every Monday & Wednesday.

VISIT ONLINE: midwestprimefarms.com

Rebel Pastures


Justin & Jenni are raising chicken and eggs, pastured pork, grass fed lamb, and beef cattle. They work hard to build out a strong, resilient, local, healthy food supply system that offers their family and yours clean eating.

Shipping to all 50 states every week to your doorstep!

visit online: rebelpastures.com

Ayers Valley Farm

Russellville | ohio

Josh & Taylor Ayers are both from Southern Ohio with deep agricultural roots. They are 3rd generation ranchers raising their grass finish beef, forested pork and pastured chicken.

They ship anywhere in the US every Monday.

VISIT ONLINE: ayersvalleyfarm.com



Josh and Sarah Ison raise Black Angus Cattle, Heritage Berkshire Pigs, and Pasture Raised Chickens. Their livestock spend their entire lives roaming the rolling, rich, green hills overlooking the Ohio River Valley. Experience the difference in taste when animals and people grow and thrive together in a healthy way. 

Shipping beef, pork, & chicken across the US.



Avella | Pennsylvania

Joel & Megan are first generation regenerative farmers, raising pastured chicken and pork in southwest PA along with their four kids.

They ship their meat weekly to the 48  contiguous states and sell it locally.

VISIT ONLINE: farm-57meats.com

Glory Be Farm

Manheim | pennsylvania

We are Glory Be Farm, located in the beautiful, rolling countryside of Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania. We take pride in caring for our animals and providing other families w/ delicious & nutritious protein. Our snack sticks & jerky are very popular & with 3 different flavors, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

Shipping to all 50 states.

visit online: www.glorybefarm.com



Carrie and her family raise Pastured Chicken, Grass-fed Lamb, Pastured Berkshire Pork, Rabbit, Beef, Pastured Turkey, and Rose Veal.

They ship their meat across the US on Mondays and Tuesdays.

VISIT ONLINE: blackwillowpondfarm.coM

Hidden Creek Farm

Salem county | new jersey

Jesse & Abigail are first generation farmers in South Jersey raising kids, crops, & livestock. They ship their poultry, beef, & pork to 48 states and deliver locally.

Shipping beef, pork, & chicken across the US.

VISIT ONLINE: hiddencreekfarmnj.com

Promised Land Meats

Aurora | West Virginia

Chaz, Melinda, Matthew and Nate Stoner believe that producing food for our country is an honor and privilege. Their cattle graze in the mountain meadows of Aurora, WV and are respected and cared for their entire lives.

Their meat is available for purchase nationwide and is shipped directly to your door.

VISIT ONLINE: promisedlandmeats.com

Red Tailed Farm

burgaw | North Carolina 

Co-owners Juliann Janies and Gregory Hodgdon raise Forest Raised Pork, Pastured Lamb, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, and Eggs.

You can ship their products or pick up locally at farmer's markets.

VISIT ONLINE: redtailedfarm.com

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